Make the right decision! With the Fighter Pilot Method.

Daredevils who decide fearlessly and spontaneously in any dire situation: Fighter Pilots smile about such a movie cliché. Anyone who makes an ad-hoc decision at 600 miles per hour will most likely end up as a ‘smoking hole on the ground’. The trick is to consistently plan ahead before the start of any flight. Pilots go through all improbable situations which could occur during a mission and determine the correct responses. From these pre-decided options fighter pilots will then select the right course of action during the flight – based on constant, situational awareness.

This method of ‘canned decisions’ can be used in daily business. Globalization, all-embracing digitalisation, abrupt market changes and an accelerated competitive environment – the world of many managers nowadays resembles a supersonic flight. More and more fast and correct decisions are needed to keep a business on track for success. Holger Lietz provides a glance into the cockpit and the decision-making method of fighter pilots. He got to know these techniques during his Jet Pilot training and has perfected it for business in two decades as a top Executive. With his ‘Decision Engine’ for managers he shows:

  • How one can systematically plan for the improbable – and are therefore equipped for surprising market and competitive changes.
  • How one can make decisions in advance ready for every possible situation and implement them when required.
  • How one can achieve a higher ‚flight level’ than one’s competition and gain a competitive edge.

Target Group.

  • C-Level: For all top decision-makers whose decisions make the difference.
  • Managers & Executives: For those who want to make decisions with minimalized risk.

Keynote Duration.

  • 45 or 60 minutes.

Take the right decision. Now!
For a keynote that will make a difference on how you will decide in business.

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