Boards of large companies, Managing Directors of well-known medium-sized companies, Managers from different business sectors or entire teams: Keynotes by Holger Lietz inspire them all. His input creates the difference and his performance will be remembered.

  • “I enjoyed your presentation in the manager-lounge very much. You packed the conditions of the current communicational mechanisms and the thereof resulting requirements in a particularly captivating manner. Thank-you!

    Volkmar Neumann
    Managing Director ACN Advertising Agency
  • “A haunting and inspiring keynote with tangible benefits for day-to-day leadership work.”

    Urs Breitmeier
    CEO RUAG Group, Switzerland
  • “Holger Lietz, as a professional speaker, was able to engage his audience by his extraordinary physical presence on stage and his widely accepted expertise – and this in an entertaining manner. Those who were not present missed a valuable contribution to the future of Marketing in the age of social media and consumer-orientated Marketing.”

    Thorsten Schrauff
    Head of Program Management Germany tcc - changing shopper behaviour
  • “Thank you for your keynote! It took us on a supersonic flight and gave us a lot of impetus for our daily work.”

    Thomas Geilhardt
    Head of HR N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft
  • “Mr. Lietz’s presentation at our Success Meeting completely exceeded our expectations. Practical, thrilling and intelligent, he showed how to break the sound barrier in management and face all challenges, whether in the air or on the ground. Thank you very much for this!”

    Sven Hennige
    Senior Managing Director Central Europe & France Robert Half
  • “A great keynote, which grabbed the audience both in terms of content and emotion. Holger Lietz is a real booking recommendation!”

    Sven Boysen
    Editor & Managing Director Regenta GmbH
  • “The kick-off presentation by Holger Lietz on the Luxury Business Day electrified the guests because he managed to balance sales-driven directness and distinguish distance as a sales concept for luxury products.”

    Stanislaus Benecke
    Managing Director Benfina
  • “Fast decisions in ever-changing and unpredictable situations – whether as a fighter pilot or as a manager for IT security. That is what Holger Lietz gave us an in-depth understanding of in an instructive and exciting keynote. Thank you very much for that experience!”

    Sonja Meindl
    Country Manager ALPS CH & A, Check Point Software Technologies AG
  • “Your presentation was one of the ‘high flyers’ for us!”

    Silke Zimmermann
    Project Manager Market Research EnBW Inc.
  • “I have heard a very interesting presentation on new connected consumers. Very good and completely entertaining, thanks for the new approach!”

    Sebastian Schubert
    Sales Manager Hoffmann Group – Hch. Perschmann
  • Simply amazing and absolutely relevant in practice. You notice immediately that Holger Lietz has decades of experience as a top manager.”

    Sebastian Schäfer
    Member of the Board of Directors LTS Lohmann Therapy-Systems
  • “The experience of Holger Lietz as a fighter pilot and years as a top manager make his keynotes unique, enthralling and practice-orientated.”

    Ralph Krüger
    Managing Director AMC Consulting
  • “An inspired lecture by a visionary speaker. Holger Lietz has led us to rethink existing standards and illustrated new perspectives at same time.”

    Prof. Dr. Oliver Kaul
    Head of the Academic Board, University of Applied Sciences Mainz
  • “Rhetorically and contextually one of the best keynotes I’ve ever experienced. A real recommendation!”

    Philipp Lutz
    Vice President People Development, RUAG Group, Switzerland
  • “Holger Lietz impressed all participants at our Strategic Forum 2015 event. Smart, inspiring and professional! Thank you for your wonderful keynote!”

    Petra Kuráková
    Event Manager, top vision open events, Czech Republic
  • “He immediately caught the attention of the more than 150 participants through his distinctive stage presence. Within 30 minutes he had clearly spelled out that the luxury sector needs to follow the different ‘Consumer Journeys’ of the increasingly mobile shoppers without losing its exclusivity. He also provided convincing examples on how to play Social Media elegantly as a communication channel.”

    Petra-Anna Herhoffer
    Owner and Managing Director INLUX I Institut of Luxury
  • “My compliments for the keynote yesterday evening in the manager-lounge in Hamburg. Firstly, it was a lot fun and secondly worthwile. Thank-you for that!”

    Peter Knoll
    Member of the Mnagement Board Th. Reimler & Co. NfL. – Worldwide Logistics
  • “I have followed your entertaining, practical and provocative lecture at the manager-lounge with enthusiasm. Above all, your pragmatic approach as well as your easy-to-follow presentation really convinced me.”

    Oliver Rosenthal
    Managing Director OgilvyOne
  • “Holger Lietz made his keynote an experience. Without unnecessary extras, he outlines the necessary steps for a paradigm shift in Marketing in our digital world. A firework of examples and tips. Keep it up.”

    Norman Thom
    Managing Director POS Solutions STI Group
  • We have to thank you … a lecture to the point … .” 

    Mike Barowski
    Mike Barowski on Facebook, Chairman of the Board, Academy of Marketing Communication
  • “Holger Lietz impressed us as an excellent speaker and representative of his field of expertise and convinced us with his rhetorically compelling, entertaining and practical presentation.”

  • “It was a very impressive event. Those who were not present have missed critical insights for their own marketing thinking to drive Marketing within their companies.”

  • “Get in. Strap in. Full throttle. Liftoff. A racy keynote with important stimuli for the decision-making ability of our management and our business.”

    Martin Schmitz-Manseck
    Department Head Human Resources Federal Republic of Germany - Financial Agency
  • “I thought that I had already heard everything about decision-making and communication, but I was mistaken. Absolutely practice-orientated.”

    Mark Möbius
    Vice President EMEA Marketing Dell
  • “Racy. Inspiring. A great keynote of high practical relevance!”

    Margot Klüberspies
    Marketing Manager Keller & Kalmbach GmbH
  • “Great presentation, great inspiration for potential new ways!”

    on Twitter
  • “A keynote of a fighter pilot who speaks from his own marketing experience must be something special. It definetely is. Holger Lietz – as usual in the military – gives clear instructions what to do and why. Highly recommended!”

    Juergen T. Knauf
    Managing Director SCOPAR GmbH
  • “His presentation was the topic for days at our company.”

    Jürgen Lehmann
    Managing Director Alliance Boots Germany
  • “A fascinating insight into the world and mindset of fighter pilots. As different as the work environment in the cockpit and office seems to be, the methods of fighter pilots are a good orientation for managers to prepare for hectic situations where a cool head is needed.”

    Josef Hasler
    CEO N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft
  • “Thank you very much for your keynote. It has absolutely enriched our management event and we have received lots of positive feedback.”

    Inka Ludwig
    Head of Internal Communications N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft
  • “I enjoyed your keynote very much! It was fascinating how you transferred the feelings of a fighter pilot during takeoff in the heads of the audience at the beginning of your speech. The decision method of fighter pilots is absolutely pragmatic and practicable. My conclusion: Methodically unbeatable, thereby completely authentic and absolutely convincing!” 

    Harald Binzenbach
    Head of Strategy & Business Development, German Armed Forces Car Fleet Services GmbH
  • “The keynote by Holger Lietz was extremely interesting, inspiring and to the point. I will keep him on ‘my radar’ as a keynote speaker.”

    Gabriele Lehmann
    Manager Consumer & Market Research Johnson Controls
  • “Thank-you for the fascinating keynote – I see the world now with different eyes.“

    Gabriele Discher
    Director Sales & Marketing MARITIM Hotel Magdeburg
  • “A simply excellent lecture. With a lot of stimuli, very interesting and entertaining.”

    Florian Hett
    International Market Manager tesa SE
  • “We have been getting only positive feedback, and that is especially due to your highly topical and very well received keynote. Thank you for your contribution as a guest speaker to the success of our convention.”

    Ellen Didszus
    Managing Director BVM - Association of German Market and Social Researchers
  • “We wanted a speaker with real management background. This is what Holger Lietz got, and he incorporates it with a real ‘wow factor’ in his keynote.” 

    Michael Eckstein
    Managing Director 3m5. Media GmbH
  • “Your transfer of fighter pilots methods to business is something I’ve never seen or heard before. Very instructive and applicable. Your keynote was brilliant and I really enjoyed it!”

    Dusan Placek
    Owner Placek Group, Czech Republic
  • “Thank you very much for the inspiring, entertaining and exciting keynote. The participants were very thrilled”.

    Dr. Jochen Müller
    Executive Vice President EMEA and Asia Pacific, SimCorp GmbH
  • “As a sociologist and a former fighter and test pilot of the Czechoslovak Air Force, I am able to judge the keynote by Holger Lietz professionally. His performance as a speaker is phenomenal. He confirms my belief that everything in life is comparable to flying, especially in management. Managers, specifically leaders, should listen to his keynotes and apply what he has learned from his experiences in their daily practices.”

    Dr. Jaroslav Sýkora
    QED GROUP, Member of the International Astronautical Academy, Col. Ret., Czech Republic
  • “Excellent and recommendable! Holger Lietz makes an excellent contribution to overcome folklore, half-knowledge, fads and charlatanism in terms of management. Based on his own career, he shows that management skills are the nuts and bolts of any organization. Only those who again and again apply these skills and strive for improvement, can achieve maximum efficiency in this profession.”

    Dr. Carsten Lehr
    CEO, Republic of Germany - Financial Agency
  • “Excellent and recommendable.”

    Dr. Carsten Lehr
    CEO, Republic of Germany - Financial Agency
  • “Great lecture, beautiful inspiration! I very much hope that I get the opportunity again!”

    Doreen Wolf
    Project Manager T-Systems Multimedia Solutions
  • “Thank-you for the absolutely inspiring 60 minutes. The keynote at the Marketing Club Hamburg was by far one of the top 3 within the last 5 years.”

    Dirk Mettmann
    Senior Sales Manager WerbeWeischer
  • “I have rarely heard such an excellent keynote: Mission completed!”

    Dietmar Schnabel
    Regional Director Central Europe Check Point Software Technologies GmbH, Switzerland
  • “An exciting and refreshing keynote. Holger Lietz had the complete attention of the audience from the start and was with his comparison between managers and fighter pilots right on target. I have rarely heard such an excellent keynote: Mission completed!”

    Dietmar Schnabel
    Regional Director Central Europe Check Point Software Technologies GmbH, Switzerland
  • “Thanks for the great presentation. Some people really need to wake up to ensure that the new realties will not close in on them.”

    Daniel Klarkowski
    Managing Director abalo Media Germany
  • “Thank-you for providing such first-class keynote. It was amusing, entertaining throughout and very motivating for my sales team. Very stimulating and with actionable stimuli for everyday Marketing and Sales work. Everyone who is confronted with the challenges of the Web 2.0 should listen to it. I am already actively recommending you!”

    Christopher Funk
    Managing Director Xenagos - The Sales Recruiter
  • My staff were very enthusiastic and motivated. A unique wow experience!”

    Christopher Funk
    Managing Director Xenagos - The Sales Recruiter
  • “My compliments, your presentation was a very refreshing start into the ‘Luxury Business Day 2013’. A direct and blunt approach of the core problems of luxury companies in relation to the interactive dialogue with customers. The new challenges were not only well-illustrated, but were also followed up with workable solutions. Valuable insights were given. To be highly recommended!”

    Axel Kmonitzek
    Founder and Managing Director Maßuhrenmanufaktur Fischer & Cie
  • “With his speech in the Hanseatic Lounge and his many best-practice examples, he has not only impressively presented the Marketing of the future, but entertained the audience in the ‘iWorld’ and its challenges. To be highly recommended!”

    Anna Riesner
    pre-opening Manager prizeotel, prize Management Group
  • “I want to thank you for your very emotionalising and enriching keynote! In addition to the factual information, inspiring our clients plays a major role for us. That’s what you have achieved in an ideal manner. Besides your rousing speech, you managed to transfer insights from aviation to the audience in their own working context. The participants were absolutely enthusiastic. I was also very impressed from the professional preparation and the flexible responsiveness to our requests!”

    Andreas Moser
    Managing Director simple system GmbH & Co. KG
  • “The keynote of Holger Lietz ensured a great kick-off for the CMO Summit 2014. His presentation was entertaining, charming, direct, and gave the participants practice-orientated stimuli. To be highly recommended.”

    Alexander Hentzschel
    Director Production German Summits marcusevans
  • “I had the pleasure of experiencing Holger Lietz at an event in the manager-lounge in Frankfurt and I can only recommend him. He is profound and takes a firm stand based on various examples from his Marketing experience. An excellent speaker and representative in his field of expertise.”

    Albert Klein
    Managing Director InsightOut
  • “A rhetorical rapid flight beyond the sonic barrier, gripping and of absolute practical relevance. After the keynote, you feel equipped with fighter pilot methods for your daily business.” 

    Erich Lagler
    Managing Director Municipal Transport Services Basel, Schwitzerland


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